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The Mind Over Metal Introduction to Welding Program is designed to foster an interest in the welding trade... and it's FREE!

What is Mind Over Metal?

The Mind over Metal Introduction to Welding Program is delivered in partnership with the CWB Welding Foundation.

Based on the CWB curriculum, the free program combines virtual and hands-on training delivered by instructors from Six Nations Polytechnic, Conestoga College, Mohawk College and Fanshawe College – Simcoe campus, using their welding shops.


At the conclusion of the program, participants are tested by CWB Certification. Those who pass earn a welding certification. This provides an entry-level qualification for a job in the welding trade. 




week FREE
HANDS-ON welding training

week additional job related training


Check out what Samuel Fortin has to say about his career in welding:

"For the green kid that I was, everyday was an opportunity to learn something new."


Why Consider This Program?

Welders are in demand
This makes welding a great trade, as you’ll never be out of work opportunities and because there is such demand for welders, it’s easy to advance in the welding industry. With growing opportunities in the manufacturing, oil, gas, and mining industries, there is no shortage of work in sight. 

It’s easy to get into
It’s a great trade because you can start from the bottom in a workshop and learn it all on the job. Becoming a welder does not require a lot of formal education, or experience. The Mind Over Metal Program specifically provides participants with qualifications to enter the trade. 

It pays well
Not only are average welder salaries relatively high, the opportunity for so many different welding positions due to huge demand means options for you to gain more income. If you advance to become a foreman or supervisor, the possibilities are endless. If you have a family to support, you can earn the income you need.

You can travel as a welder
Highly skilled welders that are willing to travel and/or work in challenging conditions can earn a six-figure salary. 

It’s rewarding work
The satisfaction of working with your hands and transforming a few bits of metal into an incredible project that looks great and is useful for its specific purpose gives a sense of accomplishment and job pride.

There’s plenty of variety within the industry
There are many different metals you can learn to weld, and the types of projects are endless. Some businesses may focus on a narrow range of fabricating, while others do many different kinds. 

And if you like an adrenaline rush, there are specialties such as welding at heights while working on a skyscraper or underwater welding – not only adventurous, they are highly prized occupations.


Main Benefits of Mind Over Metal

• Free training
• Support with transportation, work supplies, food costs,             health & wellness, and other needs
• Program participants receive a free welding toolkit, which         includes a welding helmet
• Skills upgrading
• Job search assistance after program completion
• Apprenticeship connections
• Graduate with multiple certifications
• Support from dedicated staff and instructors

• Graduation ceremony


Who’s Eligible

• 16+ years old
• Legally entitled to work in Canada
• Able to attend training locations on specified dates*
• Able to lift up to 50 lbs.
• Able to crouch, kneel, stoop, bend
• Manual dexterity ability
• Comfortable using basic functions of the computer

• Lives in one of the following areas: Brantford, Brant, Norfolk, Haldimand, Six Nations, New Credit, Hamilton, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo and Oxford.​

• Looking to begin a career in welding


Currently working in a related job and interested in skills upgrading

*Transportation assistance will be offered to participants on an as needed basis.

*High school completion is not a requirement to register for the Skills2Advance Welding programs.


Program Details

Part 1:
30 Hours

• Introduction to welding
• Health & safety
• Practical welding training
• Welding simulators
• Hands-on live welding
• Daily welding projects

• Reading welding documents

• Preparing for & taking certification              exam

Part 2:

30 Hours

• CPR & First Aid
• Forklift training
• Fall Arrest
• Workplace communication
• Teamwork

• Psychological first aid
• Career guidance

• Workshops on employment standards,     healthy living, mental health, COVID-19

Join The Wait List

Please note that all welding training sessions have concluded and are on hold pending future funding.


While funding is not assured, previous training sessions have been very successful and our programs have generated a lot of interest from both potential students and employers. To join our wait list, please click the button below.

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