How to prepare for an interview in 2021

Updated: Jan 3

When you think about how to prepare for an interview, prepare for technical questions. For example, companies use a lot of unusual questions to analyze their thinking and problem areas - solution skills. This preparation will help you answer questions in the job - specific job interviews that employers ask to see if you have the knowledge, skills and qualities needed to do the job. It can also make a big difference for you as a candidate when it comes to answering joint interview questions. [Sources: 10, 12, 16]

We have some tips to help you practice answering popular interview questions, and we have a list of tips to help with the most common technical questions in the job - specific job interviews. [Sources: 18]

You may not know exactly what questions are being asked of you during the interview, but there is something you can do to ensure that you are as well prepared as possible for your answers. During an interview it is important to be able to ask good questions of the interviewer in addition to providing a good answer. You don't have to wait till the last minute to ask questions, treat it a little bit like a conversation[Sources: 8, 15, 16]

Remember that the steps you take before the interview can make the difference between a good interview and hopefully the right job.

One of the best things you can do before a job interview is to prepare for what you think you might need. If you are called to an interview at the last minute, it is much easier to practice your interview with a friend or family member in advance While you wait for the interviewer to come get you, look at your CV, talk to the company receptionist and go through the answers to any interview questions you may have. [Sources: 7, 11, 21, 24]

If you are not sure what questions you will be asked during the interview, you can prepare yourself with the STAR method. [Sources: 1]

This preparation will help you answer behavioral type questions, which aim to determine whether you have the knowledge, skills and qualities required to perform the task. Other steps you can take to prepare yourself and ease the interview tremors are practicing your answers and wearing the right clothes, which are essential to preparing for an interview. If you can master these nine tips, you will feel confident in the interview, so that you can best prepare for the expected question. [Sources: 12, 20, 21]

Ask someone you know to give you a sham interview using your CV and a list of questions you have prepared. A fake interview is a hands-on interview, so you have to take it seriously, just like an actual job interview. Depending on the type of interview, there may be certain etiquette, but the preparation is slightly different depending on the industry [Sources: 0, 16, 19, 21]

How you prepare for the interview is heavily influenced by your attitude, so approach your employer first to confirm all the details of the interview (Date, time, location, position). What expectations you have should be found out before the interview and what is appropriate for the interview depends on the company you are applying to. [Sources: 9, 23]

The best preparation is to ask for a phone number so that you can contact the interviewer if you have any difficultes finding the location or if an emergency arises. [Sources: 22]

If you want to be successful during the interview, choose a suitable outfit, prepare answers to the most common interview questions, think through the questions you ask the interviewer, and think about questions you are likely to be asked. In almost all interviews there are a few common topics that give you a good idea of which interviews and questions to prepare for. Since a large part of the interview is spent answering questions, the best preparation for an interview is to anticipate the question you are likely to be asked and then practice your answer to that question. [Sources: 5, 6, 8]

There are several community agencies available which can assist in your job search and interview practice. Programs like Skills2Advance has workshops built into its curriculum to ensure all participants are provided with the interview skills and adequate practice for the Manufacturing and Warehousing Industry.




























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