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Fill Your Welding Job Openings
Upskill Your Workers! Hire Skills2Advance Graduates!

Companies can send us their existing workers for free welding training. Or we have newly trained, highly motivated graduates looking for jobs as entry-level welders.

There are major labour shortages across the skill trades, particularly in welding. Many companies struggle to find the workers they need.  Maybe even your firm.

HOW WE CAN HELP: To help fill the shortage, the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie has launched a free training program called Skills2Advance Welding. The training is delivered in partnerships with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) Foundation and taught by experienced welding instructors at Six Nations Polytechnic (Brantford campus), Conestoga College, Fanshawe College (Simcoe campus) and Mohawk College.

TRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES: Register your current employees for this free skills upgrading to support the development of their career at your business. 

EXTRA TRAINING WE PROVIDE: Specialized trainers provide additional training in hard and soft job skills. These trainers include:

  • National Training Solutions - Forklift & Lift Truck Training

  • Guru Training Centres Canada – Emergency First Aid & CPR Trainer

  • Brant Skills Centre – soft skills training & essential skills assessments

FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: Local Employment Ontario service providers can match you with one of our graduates. 

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Hire a Skills2Advance Welding graduate. You can also get involved by making a presentation to one of our classes, talking about your business, what type of welders you hire, and more. Contact us to talk.


Skills2Advance Welding participant qualifications upon completion of training:

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Fillet Weld Qualification per CSA W47.1

  • Forklift & Reach Truck License

  • Fall Arrest

  • Health & Safety

  • Soft Skills Training Certificate

  • Digital Literacy Certificate

  • Emergency First Aid w/ CPR-C

  • Psychological First Aid



Skills2Advance graduates learn industry vetted skills and courses so they can be successful on the job:

  • Fundamentals of welding

  • Fundamentals of welding in flat and horizontal positions using welding simulators

  • Fundamentals of live arc welding, learning to prepare parts for the weld process, and completing daily welding projects


Skills2Advance training emphasizes professionalism in the workplace. Participants learn and practice workplace communication, positive workplace attitudes, teamwork, conflict resolution and more.


  • Get skilled & entry-level ready workers

  • Lower cost of training

  • Fill vacant positions more quickly

  • Skilled2Advance Welding is FREE

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